Training is a critical ingredient of a successful interRAI assessment system implementation. Properly trained assessors are essential in order to preserve the reliability of the interRAI instruments and ensure the collection of accurate and robust data.

Assessors can take an intensive course in order to learn how to successfully complete an interRAI assessment, interpret outputs and applications, and utilise these for care planning. Training can be performed in several ways including in a face-to-face classroom style setting, via video conference (VC) for rural and remote sites, or in some instances via online modules. Course lengths depend on which instrument is being adapted.

Other clinical stakeholders who will be reading and interpreting information such as Geriatricians, Specialists, and multi-disciplinary staff, can undergo training as well. This will enable them to identify, process and understand the wealth of information available. Depending on the access required, they may be able to contribute to care planning, report writing, and progress notes. This course length is dependent on the requirements of the user.

Training is also available for system administrators to learn how to register users, assign rights and manage case allocation. These users will not be able to manipulate data in any way.