interRAI Resources

Searching for more information on interRAI? Here is a list of our global and local resources:

Click here for interRAI Australia Published Research Papers

Click here for interRAI's Suite of Assessment Instruments

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Below are a list of white papers and other supporting documentation to support interRAI's case for utilisation in Australia:

interRAI Australia's submission to the DoHAC Aged Care Data Strategy - 20 September 2023

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A Survey and Evaluation of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Systems for Residential and Community Aged Care And Case Study Data Inefficiency Aged Care

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Why the interRAI Suite of Assessment Systems is Suitable for Australia

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How interRAI reduces the data inefficiency in Aged Care

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Improving the Quality of Care in Aged Care: An Introduction to the interRAI Suite of Systems of Comprehensive Assessment and Care for Australia

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interRAI systems for the Provision of Care: Putting the Care First

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Responding to Functional and Psycho-Social Problems in Hospital: The interRAI Hospital Systems

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