Instruments & Applications

The interRAI suite is a robust set of compatible assessment systems that have been specifically designed to cover a wide range of settings, including but not limited to hospitals, aged care facilities, home care services, and mental health.

The interRAI system of assessment is based on the philosophy of collecting accurate information once and then using it for many purposes. These systems all share common observations and design features, thus simplifying interpretation and training, and facilitating continuity of care across settings. Assessments vary in length and therefore assessment time, however the benefit of investing in good assessments means comprehensive information is collected in a reliable way with subsequent cost and time savings and, most importantly, better overall care of the client.

interRAI systems are designed for the digital environment. Each interRAI system comprises a set of clinical observations, usually recorded by assessors, with inbuilt applications that “interpret” and reorganise these observations to create problem lists, diagnostic and risk screeners, scales to measure severity and monitor progress, and patient profiles to inform care planning. The larger systems also include quality indicators and casemix tools. Observations are entered directly into a software application, which will automatically generate the various “outputs” as the assessment progresses.

Australian adaptations

interRAI Australia has made minor adjustments to some systems to ensure that they meet relevant Australian standards, and are configured to meet local circumstances. To date adjustments have been made to the Home Care, Long Term Care, Community Health Assessment, Checkup and the various hospital systems. Similar adjustments can be made to other instruments if required.

Instruments and training manuals

Instruments and training manuals can be viewed at the publications page of the international interRAI website. For enquiries about Australian versions please contact