Implementation of an interRAI system requires careful planning and serious effort and investment. Implementing an interRAI assessment system can enable a significant improvement in the collection of data for care planning, handover, inter-professional evaluation and consultation, administration, case-mix and quality indicators. The exact workflow that is eventually implemented will vary from organisation to organisation and will depend on existing systems and resources. Application of an interRAI system into your organisation will require a review of current practices and may result in a change in work process. Consideration must be given to engagement of key staff, ensuring sufficient resources and staff are available to conduct assessments, training of competent assessors, the presence of responsive software, how information will flow, and appointment of appropriate administration support. interRAI systems are copyright, therefore all end users need to obtain a license through interRAI to use the assessment systems. However, they are offered to organisations under licence free of charge, except where a software vendor supplies a solution, for profit. In that situation, licence fees apply, which are embedded in the vendor charges to the service provider. A requirement of the licence arrangement is that de-identified data is provide to interRAI for research purposes.

interRAI for Australia

interRAI Australia has prepared three monographs. Two monographs propose arrangements for interRAI utilisation in hospital and aged care programs in Australia, while a third monograph describes the structure of an interRAI system in detail and makes suggestions about how interRAI systems can be implemented in the care setting to best support the delivery of care.